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Housing development erected in West Oakland in 10 days

September 9, 2019
Typically, a building this size would take a year to construct, said developer Rick Holliday. It went up in 10 days.
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This new “Rapid Response Factory” wants to make an assembly line to build post-disaster housing

July 10, 2019
Prefab apartment builder FactoryOS is teaming up with Autodesk to streamline a process to get housing to people in need as quickly as possible after fires, floods, and earthquakes.
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Factory_OS Receives Strategic Investments from Autodesk and Citi to Help Address Affordable Housing Crisis in Bay Area and Beyond

July 9, 2019
We’re excited to announce that today Factory_OS received strategic investments from Autodesk, Inc. and Citi to address the growing affordable housing crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
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The New Multifamily Modular

Yes Duffy | David Baker Architects Blog

At DBA, now more than ever, we get asked, “What does it take to go modular?” The time­-saving and cost­-saving appeal of “going modular” varies broadly and depends on a variety of factors, which can make or break the potential benefits.…

Vallejo firm bets on modular housing to meet critical shortage

J.K. Dineen | SF Chronicle

For decades, developer Rick Holliday has been one of the Bay Area’s most prolific and forward-thinking builders of both market-rate and affordable housing, creating thousands of units from West Oakland and Emeryville to San Francisco’s South of Market and Bayview…

New direction in housing for S.F.’s homeless: modular

J.K. Dineen | SF Chronicle

San Francisco officials are going forward with a plan to use off-site modular construction to build supportive housing for the homeless, a move that could save time and money, but has long been regarded as politically untenable because of opposition…

Modular Construction in the Bay Area: The Future is Now

Nathaniel Hanson | Urban Land Institute San Francisco

Google Will Buy Modular Homes to Address Housing Crunch

Laura Kusisto | Wall Street Journal

VALLEJO, Calif.—Soaring home prices and apartment rents in Silicon Valley have become a growing headache for technology titans. Google owner Alphabet Inc. is taking a step toward addressing the issue. The Mountain View, Calif., company is finalizing an order to buy 300 apartment…

Developer, S.F. see new possibilities in assembly-line housing

J.K. Dineen | SF Chronicle

The 30,000-pound boxes being delivered by a fleet of flatbed trucks to the Bayview don’t look like much. But if you ask Mayor Ed Lee, they just might be a solution to the city’s housing crisis. On Thursday morning, Lee…

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