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The tech industry exacerbated the housing crisis. Here’s what Google is doing to fix it.

July 27, 2020
A year ago, Google pledged $1 billion to address the Bay Area housing crisis the tech boom helped cause. How much affordable housing does that build? The company has also invested in Factory OS, a startup that lowers construction costs by building apartments in factories. This will help Google’s money stretch further in California...
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Housing development erected in West Oakland in 10 days

September 9, 2019
Typically, a building this size would take a year to construct, said developer Rick Holliday. It went up in 10 days.
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This new “Rapid Response Factory” wants to make an assembly line to build post-disaster housing

July 10, 2019
Prefab apartment builder FactoryOS is teaming up with Autodesk to streamline a process to get housing to people in need as quickly as possible after fires, floods, and earthquakes.
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SF set to start process for building modular housing for formerly homeless

J.K. Dineen | SF Chronicle

SF set to start process for building modular housing for formerly homeless By J.K. Dineen January 22, 2018  Doubling down on its commitment to using off-site construction methods to create faster and less-expensive housing for the formerly homeless, city officials are…

A little hope for a homeless solution: Tiny housing units sprout in the Bay Area

Kevin Fagan | SF Chronicle

Nearly two years after a smattering of tiny homes popped up in the Bay Area as a peculiar new way of housing homeless people, the technique is exploding from one end of the region to the other. Nearly 1,000 tiny…

Celebrated architect David Baker says modular construction will bloom

Roland Li | San Francisco Business Times

David Baker is one of the Bay Area’s most prolific architects, designing 10,000 homes over 35 years. He has worked on dozens of affordable housing and market-rate buildings, boutique hotels in Healdsburg and retail projects. His firm recently designed modular buildings…

The New Multifamily Modular

Yes Duffy | David Baker Architects Blog

At DBA, now more than ever, we get asked, “What does it take to go modular?” The time­-saving and cost­-saving appeal of “going modular” varies broadly and depends on a variety of factors, which can make or break the potential benefits.…

Vallejo firm bets on modular housing to meet critical shortage

J.K. Dineen | SF Chronicle

For decades, developer Rick Holliday has been one of the Bay Area’s most prolific and forward-thinking builders of both market-rate and affordable housing, creating thousands of units from West Oakland and Emeryville to San Francisco’s South of Market and Bayview…

New direction in housing for S.F.’s homeless: modular

J.K. Dineen | SF Chronicle

San Francisco officials are going forward with a plan to use off-site modular construction to build supportive housing for the homeless, a move that could save time and money, but has long been regarded as politically untenable because of opposition…

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