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Factory OS is revolutionizing home construction. We’ve combined pioneering technology with tried-and-true manufacturing methods to build multifamily modular buildings more efficiently and at a lower cost. We’re building more affordable homes, creating good local jobs, and funding innovation.

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The modular revolution promises to shake up Bay Area housing

February 16, 2018
After many years of talking about it, developers like Holliday are finally taking major steps to move into modular construction. Soaring construction costs and labor shortages across the region are constricting developers’ ability to meet the Bay Area’s housing demand and hampering attempts to address a rise in homelessness.
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Vallejo firm bets on modular housing to meet critical shortage

October 19, 2017
Holliday is betting that the future of multi-family housing in the Bay Area will take shape not in a particular neighborhood or community but in a cavernous 250,000-square-foot historic shipbuilding facility in an industrial part of Mare Island in Vallejo.
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Google Will Buy Modular Homes to Address Housing Crunch

June 14, 2017
Google is finalizing an order to buy 300 apartment units from Factory OS, a modular-home startup, in a building likely to serve as short-term housing for Google employees, according to executives from both companies.
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Jake and Elwood attack the Housing Crisis

April 23, 2018

Factory_OS CEO Rick Holliday (aka Elwood) and COO Larry Pace (aka Jake) are on a "Mission from God" to make a big dent in the housing crisis!

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Factory_OS is an Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact Partner

April 17, 2018

Factory_OS is proud to announce it has become an Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact Partner. Autodesk sees Design For Manufacturing and Assembly as “the future of construction” and a top priority for a planet adding two billion more people in the next 20 years.

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Using Technology to Float Apartment Units On Air

April 4, 2018

We are innovating the way housing is built. One easy push glides the unit across the factory floor, increasing efficiency and eliminating the any need for strenuous labor.

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