A shift in mindsets

The majority of American industries are more productive than they were 20 years ago — but not construction.

Over the past two decades, capital and labor productivity in construction have plummeted by 32% and 22%, respectively, resulting in an acute housing shortage.

"Achieving cost and speed improvements to deliver affordable housing on a large scale will require, above all, a shift in mindsets."

McKinsey Global Institute A blueprint for addressing the global affordable housing challenge

Our off-site process makes construction productive again.

Faster time to market, leaner budget, consistent quality, reduced risk, green by design, quiet construction, union supported training and employment and a safer build all translate to homes that can be built 40-50% faster and with a savings of 20-40% over conventional construction.

These numbers are proven, not projected.

Built Faster & Safer

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Conventional Construction vs. Off Site Construction



Highly fragmented with many small companies working independently

Vertically integrated for cost-saving efficiencies across the value chain, from innovation, architecture, engineering and design through to the carpenters, tradespeople and on site assembly crews

No incentive or resources for construction innovation

Research and innovation center located in off site construction factory and integrated with production practices

On site construction schedules subject to weather and other site conditions (ie traffic, noise bylaws)

Controlled environment supports year-round off site construction, 12 hours a day, rain or shine

Limited use of legacy technologies

Leverages groundbreaking technologies like BIM digital prototyping, precision manufacturing and consumer-focused smart home service including security and temperature control

Long construction schedules leave companies vulnerable to material cost fluctuations

Short construction and controlled storage facilitate smart material procurement practices

Sequential management of on site construction activities, including subcontractor sequencing and related delays

Lean management of factory off site construction followed by on site assembly, including concurrent work at both the factory and the worksite

Rarely retain full-time employees and encounter difficulties competing for skilled workers

Union Made with valued full-time, thoroughly trained permanent employees

Design that is over-specified and over-built, with expensive features that do not enhance homeowner experience

Standardized design-to-value, de-specification of structural designs to remove unnecessary costs, with investment in design elements that truly impact aesthetics, livability, and ambience.

57% of activities in construction are wasteful and non-value adding, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Up to 40% less waste due to precision cutting and indoor material storage, plus reduced carbon emissions due to fewer transportation requirements

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