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A Word from the Carpenters Union on Factory_OS

May 31, 2018

Jay Bradshaw is the Director of Organizing for the Regional Council of Carpenters which covers 36,000 carpenters. He works to support the industry by organizing new companies, bringing in new workers and is involved in the evolution of the industry including factory onsite construction.

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Jake and Elwood attack the Housing Crisis

April 23, 2018

Factory_OS CEO Rick Holliday (aka Elwood) and COO Larry Pace (aka Jake) are on a "Mission from God" to make a big dent in the housing crisis!

Factory_OS is an Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact Partner

April 17, 2018

Factory_OS is proud to announce it has become an Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact Partner. Autodesk sees Design For Manufacturing and Assembly as “the future of construction” and a top priority for a planet adding two billion more people in the next 20 years.

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