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Factory on Mare Island, Vallejo, CA

Factory_OS tackles the housing crisis on Mare Island with the same passion of WW2 ship builders


A Bay Area housing factory opened in 2017 that is transforming the construction industry by building housing faster, more efficiently and less expensively than conventional construction.

Factory_OS and Autodesk Partnership

Factory_OS is proud to be an Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact Partner.

Factory_OS Builds Homes Like An Automobile Assembly Line

We are optimizing the construction of "modular housing" creating ready to install multi family housing faster and less expensively.

Industrial Air Hockey at Factory

Moving 40k plus lb housing boxes on air at Factory_OS

Reuters: Homebuilding, reimagined – modular & multi-family

Reuters TV: The World at Work features Factory_OS. A northern California start-up is reinventing the way we build homes by thinking inside the box - constructing multi-family units off-site within an old submarine factory, then transporting them to various Bay Area locations.

Turning Apartment Units into Hoverboards at Factory_OS

Using air casters in our factory to float apartment units from one station to the next. One of the many ways we use technology to help workers and increase efficiency.

The Importance of Factory_OS Location

Factory_OS connects to 3 major industrial transportation systems: Shipping, Railroad, and Trucking

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