Building on a tradition of innovation

Factory_OS is located on Mare Island, 
a place where generations of fearless Americans have faced our country’s most intractable problems and changed the course of history with dignity, innovation and grit. It is a tradition we intend to continue.

Bringing transformational change to a 
stagnant industry

The iconic Building 680 is the famous Mare Island Naval Shipyard machine shop where determined Americans rebuilt the Pacific Fleet after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Today, Factory OS is channelling this powerful history into a new, pressing social and political problem that impacts millions of Bay Area residents and Americans across the country: The lack of more affordable housing.

We build well-designed, tech-ready multifamily homes 40-50% faster and 20-40% less expensive than conventional housing. These savings are proven, not projected. We do this by building the bulk of the home off-site, right down to the toilet paper holders. Then we ship it and assemble it on-site.

A holistic approach to building & construction

This process brings relentless efficiency to a profoundly inefficient industry. In Building 680, Factory_OS can build homes year-round, rain or shine, leveraging the proven principles of lean manufacturing and cutting-edge software technologies. Quality control is better. Workers are safer. Precision cutting and indoor material storage reduce construction waste by more than a third, and reduced transportation requirements lower carbon emissions, making this the greenest building method available today. On-site assembly is faster, cleaner and far less disruptive to our neighbors.

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