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The tech industry exacerbated the housing crisis. Here’s what Google is doing to fix it.

July 27, 2020
A year ago, Google pledged $1 billion to address the Bay Area housing crisis the tech boom helped cause. How much affordable housing does that build? The company has also invested in Factory OS, a startup that lowers construction costs by building apartments in factories. This will help Google’s money stretch further in California...
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Housing development erected in West Oakland in 10 days

September 9, 2019
Typically, a building this size would take a year to construct, said developer Rick Holliday. It went up in 10 days.
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This new “Rapid Response Factory” wants to make an assembly line to build post-disaster housing

July 10, 2019
Prefab apartment builder FactoryOS is teaming up with Autodesk to streamline a process to get housing to people in need as quickly as possible after fires, floods, and earthquakes.
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GO-Biz exec finds opportunity at Mare Island manufacturer

Todd R. Hansen | Daily Republic

MARE ISLAND — The director of GO-Biz, the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, toured the Factory_OS facility on Mare Island on Tuesday, a prelude to an anticipated visit by Gov. Gavin Newsom in the fall. The visit also served…

This startup is building post-disaster housing using a giant assembly line

| The Optimist Daily

After two of the worst fires in California’s history tore through the state in the last three years, a housing startup by the name of FactoryOS knew it had to do something. The homes of thousands were incinerated by the…

Why Autodesk is investing in an urban prefab construction startup

Heather Clancy | Green Biz

This article was adapted from the newsletter VERGE Weekly, running Wednesdays. Subscribe here. Two years ago, prefab construction firm Factory OS — which leans heavily on software to build homes quickly while minimizing waste — got its first big order…

Flush with new cash, modular company plots new factory and big expansion

Fiona Kelliher | SF Biz Times

Vallejo-based Factory OS has grand plans to make modular construction a California staple, starting with its second factory.

Vallejo’s Factory_OS gets strategic investments to pursue solutions to affordable-housing crisis

Jeff Quackenbush | North Bay Business Journal

As Factory_OS rolls out hundreds of premanufactured housing units from its plant on Vallejo’s Mare Island, the company has received a “strategic investments” from San Rafael-based software giant Autodesk and global bank Citi. The deal is intended to “address the…

Factory_OS Receives Strategic Investments from Autodesk and Citi to Help Address Affordable Housing Crisis in Bay Area and Beyond

| Autodesk's Press Release

We’re excited to announce that today Factory_OS received strategic investments from Autodesk, Inc. and Citi to address the growing affordable housing crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. To learn more, check out the press release and the…

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