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Factory_OS Raises $55 Million For Its Innovative Efforts To Solve The Bay Area Housing Crunch

November 23, 2020
Factory_OS raised $55 million in a Series B funding round, led by Lafayette Square and backed by Autodesk, Citi, Facebook, Google and Morgan Stanley.
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Factory_OS Joins Forces With Technology and Finance Leaders to Solve the Housing Crisis

November 20, 2020
Factory_OS announced today that it has raised $55 million in Series B funding from six tech and finance industry giants—Autodesk, Citi, Facebook, Google, Morgan Stanley and round leader Lafayette Square. The investment will help Factory_OS accelerate growth and further integrate digital technologies to build multifamily housing.
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It’s time to fight for the San Francisco we love, not abandon it

September 27, 2020
The city of San Francisco spends at least $600,000 over seven years to build just one unit of permanent housing. By next year, in partnership with Factory OS, Mercy Housing and the Northern California Carpenters Union, Tipping Point will have completed 145 units in under three years for less than $400,000 per unit.
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Schwabs donate $65 million to build housing for homeless in S.F.

J.K. Dineen | San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco philanthropists Chuck and Helen Schwab have donated $65 million to build supportive housing for formerly homeless people — the gift that will help fund a 145-unit, South of Market apartment complex as well as the conversion of two…

Factory_OS and Carpenters hold a key to state’s housing crisis

| Carpenters Union Magazine

Two years ago, Factory_OS opened up with 60 employees in an abandoned World War II shipbuilding facility on the abandoned Mare Island naval base in Vallejo, a start-up with the unique idea of reducing residential construction costs by building homes…

The tech industry exacerbated the housing crisis. Here’s what Google is doing to fix it.

Adele Peters | Fast Company

A year after Google pledged to invest $1 billion toward tackling the housing crisis that the tech industry helped exacerbate in Silicon Valley, the company now expects to help fund more affordable housing than it originally anticipated. While it will…

Factory_OS Keeping Vital Affordable Housing Construction Moving Forward

Jeffrey Heimgartner | Engineering.com

The world may have changed since the beginning of 2020, but the need for affordable housing continues to be a surging crisis, especially in areas like San Francisco. While some businesses have been forced to close, navigate supplier issues or…

Hive 50, 2019 Honoree in Strategy: Factory_OS

| Hive for Housing

Hive 50 Honors For empowering the needs and opportunity of the future to overcome the comfort, complacency, and constraint of past practices when it comes to solutions for housing. What You Need To Know Factory_OS is a for-profit company that is…

The Housing Market is Killing the American Dream

Rex Salisbury | Andreessen Horowitz

Forget the automobile or the iPhone. Cities, according to the economist Ed Glaeser, are our greatest invention. When people move to cities, they exchange ideas, lower transportation and production costs, and create new breakthroughs. Today, that virtuous cycle has been…

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