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What’s Behind Our Union Pin?

Factory_OS is partnering with the Carpenters Union to invest in and create a specialized union training program for its workers providing the best trained, most skilled, and safest workers in the construction industry. In addition to the traditional Carpenters Apprenticeship and Journeymen curriculums, teachers are already in place to provide a union force specifically trained to work in a factory building housing. The Carpenters’ hammer and Factory_OS’s crane come together in our mission and in our pin.

The Carpenters Union recognizes that offsite construction is the future and have decided to join Factory_OS as part of the solution to the housing crisis. Talk is cheap and Factory OS offers an opportunity to work with a smart visionary company that embraces the efficiency of a factory with new technology and union quality tradespeople resulting in action.

Constantly recruiting and organizing, there is no labor shortage here. All are welcome with no barriers, creating opportunity and jobs for locals interested in learning a trade and building lifelong, sustainable careers.

Union trainees in this new specialized factory program go on to become multi-discipline specialists working the stations at Factory_OS, building a variety of homes off site at the Mare Island factory. Union quality is maintained and inspected at each station saving onsite fixes later on.

In addition to the hard skills, leadership is taught both in a classroom and on the construction floor. Respect in the workplace, team communication, and knowledge on how to deal with challenging situations increases productivity, and supports a more enjoyable career.

Attention to corporate culture helps the FOS workers feel proud of their accomplishments. Continued feedback on the effect of the shelters they build for the homelessness, those in need of workforce housing, senior citizens, student housing, and their own housing strokes this sense of pride.

These homes and this partnership, as reflected pin we proudly wear, is changing the society we’re all living in for the better.



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